Finnmark, Norway (R. Bonaparte, 1884): 1. Rasmus Josefsen Utsi. 2. Mikel Mikelsen Hetta. 3.Jol Andersen. 4.Ivar Samuelsen. 5. Anders Andersen Ellen.


Sami art - Samisk kunst av Tomas Colbengtson

Kunstneren Tomas Colbengtson fra Tärnaby, Västerbotten i Sverige er her på Áttje Museum med en utstilling som varer fra den 3 september- 30 oktober 2011. Tomas Colbengtson from Tärnaby in Sweden, with an exhibit at Áttje Museum from 3. september to 30. October. Photo: Simon Klenell.

Historien / History: Screentryck or Screen print. Art by Tomas Colbengtson, 2011. Photo: Nils Agdler.

Rajd / Raid. Artist: Tomas Colbengtson, 2011. Read more: Graal Glass. Les mer: Graal Glass.

Tvilling 2 / Twin 2: Artist Tomas Colbengtson, 2011. Graal-glas. Photo: Nils Agdler.

Systrar / Sisters. Artist Tomas Colbengtson, 2011. Graal-glas. Photo: Nils Agdler.

Vero gierkie, Tribute stone / Tribut sten. Graal glas. Artist: Tomas Colbengtson, 2011. Photo: Nils Agdler.

Oddasat, fra utstillingen av kunsten til Tomas Colbengtson i Samisk Kunstnersenter 13 januar, 2011.

Norridentitet - Northern Identity. Screen aluminum. Artist: Tomas Colbengtson, 2011.


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Anonymous said...

What do you think "being an artist" means ?

When you are a creative,
when you are someone whose mind always works
to change and to improve what already is,
because you love Earth and mankind
and you want them to be better.

But mankind hates you because
you want to change their world,
and they say you are simply "insane".
So what can you "create" for ?

... and you wish you destroy them
because they do not accept you in their Society;
you wish you were more selfish
because they just use you to make money;

or you can love them
just if you do not live among them.

So, being an artist is pure love.
[Dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat.]

(please quote Saamiblog)

Saamiblog said...

Hi. This poem is not quoted by Saamiblog and the authors of Saamiblog have never previously seen or read this poem. We do not know the author of the poem.

This poem projects the mind of the writer; it is all in the eye of the beholder.

My answer to the one who posted the poem:
The great thing about "being an artist" must be that the artist can project into their art what the non-artistic souls project onto others, or might approach destructively in other kinds of non-artistic ways.

I totally agree with Freud that art is sublimation of the life-energy and emotions of the artist: the sublimation of sexual desire and the sublimation of repression. In his latest work “Civilization and its Discontents” he wrote that without sublimation there will be no civilization. The good artist has a higher level of sublimation and the unconscious desires and knowledge are expressed in the work of art.

Non-artistic destructive projection is very common among people; trying to displace the feelings of one’s helpless, angry and fearful souls onto other persons or groups: a kind of projection that is about simple repression of own feelings and fears and this is not about art. It takes analytic abilities to change such simplistic psychological defenses as repression and destructive projection are. Not everyone is capable to make this change, and will keep moving in destructive circles. A helpful initial strategy to find a way out of repression is to: see yourself in the meaning you attribute or address to other people or groups. It is not about them, it is about the part of yourself that you try to escape.

Thank you for mentioning Jean-Michel Basquiat:|