Finnmark, Norway (R. Bonaparte, 1884): 1. Rasmus Josefsen Utsi. 2. Mikel Mikelsen Hetta. 3.Jol Andersen. 4.Ivar Samuelsen. 5. Anders Andersen Ellen.


Sofia Jannok & Sapmi Video Blog & Film & Music - Samisk Musikk

[Sofia Jannok, Foto: Øyvind Ravna]

Sapmi Video Blog

Sofia & Anna - Du Calmmit (Your Eyes) - 2000

Homepage for Sofia Jannok

Sami film - Samisk film

1) Ante (The boy from Lapland) by Arvid Skauge, 1977
2) "Ofelas” by Nils Gaup, 1987
Norwegian; "Veiviseren":
English; "The Pathfinder":
Italian; "Arciere di ghiaccio L'":
Brazilian; "Fugindo da Morte":
Spanish; "El Guía del desfiladero":
Portuguese; "O' Guia da Montanha":
French; "Le Passeur":
German; "Rache des Fährtensuchers":
Finnish; "Tiennäyttäjä":
Swedish; "Vägvisaren":
3) "Stol på ministeren (Minister of State)" (Minister of State) by Paul-Anders Simma,
4) "Svidd Neger" by Erik Smith Meyer, 2003. A surreal film with Sámi, English, Norwegian and Swedish text - with a high level of abstraction and complex use of symbols.
5) "Bàzo" by Lars Göran Petterson, 2004.
6) "Bak Sølvviddene (Behind the Silverwiths)" by Gjert Rognli, 2004.
7) "Kautokeino opprøret" by Nils Gaup, January 2008. More about "Kautokeino-opprøret"

Smakebiter fra Gaups nye film om Kautokeino opprøret (Clips from the new film by Gaup)
Samisk filmfestival

”The Herd” A Canadian documentary drama about the Saami Andy (Anders) Bahr that moved reindeers to Alaska in 1929 on request from the Canadian government.

Saami Actress:
Anni Kristiina Juuso

Sami music - Samisk musikk

”Oro jaska, beana” by MGPjr 2008 The BlackSheeps. Junior Song Contest.
Listen to Elin Kaaven
Elin Kaaven on MySpace
Ann Mari Andersen
Listen to Ulla Pirttijärvi
Karl Tirén Joik samling
Niko Valkeapää
Transjoik: Listen here
Transjoik MySpace
Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen
Johan Kitti
Kai Somby and Intrigue
Johan Sara jr
Mari Boine Gula-Gula MP3
Wimme Saari - Gierran MP3
Saami Video blog
Joik and the theory of knowledge
VAJAS - Sparrow of the wind (Youtube)
Sjøsamisk joik: En urgammel poesitradisjon
About Joik/Yoik singing - Om Joik (Youtube)
Johan Kitti
Inga Juuso joik
Ole Larsen Gaino joik
Johan Anders Baer joik
Anders P. Bongo joik
Ande Somby Joikens Joikinger
Traditional Sami song and the modern music
Wikipedia: Mari Boine
Mari Boine MySpace
Folk Bands,Musicians online: The Sámi
The Many faces of the yoik
Wikipedia about Yoik
Complete guide to Sami music - Samisk musikk


Iri said...

Hello, everybody!
Absolutely great site!

Thak you for such a lovely gift!

with love from Russia.


Your blog is very well done and informative! I am writing a term paper on Sami music currently for university and this site was very very helpful.

Also I stumbled upon something kind of neat that reinforces Sami style of music, not requiring a start or finish! ... from the immediate playing of the music list on your blog, the song Irene played overtop of itself in a round-type form creates a really cool melody!

Try it at 28 seconds apart from each other, it lines up almost perfectly!